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It is our intent to post relevant educational information relating to Senior's Care on this page.  The page is organized into the most relevant categories related to the needs of our residents, and the types of illnesses we commonly see at Evergreen. Check back regularly to see what's new.

Alzheimer's Disease

For a basic overview of Alzheimer's Disease check out this great article by the National Institute on Aging by clicking here.


This web resource provides an excellent summary of the various types of Dementia.  Learn more here.

Resident's Bill of Rights

In order to promote the rights of adults who live in residential care facilities, the BC Government passed the Resident's Bill of Rights in 2009.The Residents' Bill of Rights is a comprehensive set of rights that is grouped into four main themes:  Commitment to care; rights to health, safety and dignity; rights to participation and freedom of expression; and rights to transparency and accountability.  You can view the Residents' Bill of Rights by clicking here.