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July 30, 2015
Christmas In July for Evergreen Resident
July 29, 2015 was not only an exciting day at Evergreen but also for one of our residents - Percy Hayes, aka Santa Claus! A facebook post about Percy's previous life started circulating on July 22 by a fellow in Victoria, asking all who remember Percy to send him wishes for his birthday on July 29. The post has already received more than 5000 'shares' and 2800 'likes'. Percy was the Guildford Santa for 12 years and even though it was a few years ago now, the families and children still remember 'The Real Santa'. Percy was interviewed for CBC Radio, CBC TV, and the Surrey Leader and to date has received close to 200 Birthday Cards. Cards have poured in from places as close as Cloverdale and as far away as Foam Lake, Saskatchewan and Beccles, England. When asked how he felt about all the attention, Percy responded that he loved every minute of his work and is still enjoying all the well wishes and kind words from so many. Percy has a special connection with most people and it is clear that not only the children, but their parents as well, felt that connection and have carried it with them all these years One birthday card after wishing him well asked for a new car. Time will tell if Santa comes through with this request!
February 26, 2015
Pink Shirt Day at Evergreen

EBCC celebrated Pink Shirt Day with our hearts on our chests. Lynn Lyall HEU representative on the JOH&S committee had the idea for a campus wide campaign to support the new anti-bullying legislation. Lynn spear headed the event, ordered the shirts and hand dyed them with a little help from a few friends. The JOH&S committee decided to hold a contest to engage the staff in coming up with a slogan for our special t-shirts. Arlene Tagalicud was the winner of the slogan contest with her big heart framing the slogan “stop bullying start caring – Life is good Evergreen”

The special event was a success from all perspectives and was summarized by Stephen Bennett Executive Director “As you know, the campaign was not just about wearing pink for the day, but it was about drawing attention to bullying in all its forms and working together to eradicate this from our Society. At Evergreen we have been working over the past couple of years to educate staff as to what bullying and harassment is and how to identify it in the workplace and we will continue to work to ensure we have the right policies and processes in place”

Visit the Evergreen Facebook page for more pictures!!

January 6, 2015
Peace Arch News Article

The Peach Arch News provided news coverage of our Resident's Christmas Play, including pictures.   Please visit