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Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

“Demonstrating God’s love, we will provide safe, quality health care that meets the physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of residents in a campus of care community where all can live with dignity.”


By 2018 Evergreen will be recognized as a Gerontological Centre of Excellence, widely known as one of British Columbia's premier publically funded care facilities. The following strategic objectives will help us accomplish that vision:

  1. We will have replaced our aging Complex Care building with a new state of the art facility over the next 5-7 years.
  2. We will have expanded our revenue sources to ensure future sustainability so that we can continue to deliver high quality service to our residents.
  3. We will achieve the highest possible status with Accreditation Canada for our quality of care.
  4. We will be recognized by our partners andwithin our community for being a leader in delivering effective and innovative spiritual care, recreation therapy, gerontological research, and volunteer and health care programs.
  5. We will be an employer of choice, with a culture of excellence, and having achieved recognition as one of BC's top 50 employers.
  6. We will be actively engaged partner in our local White Rock/South Surrey community, providing leadership in developing and promoting gerontological services for the local population.
  7. We will have an effective, policy based Board of Directors that is informed, forward thinking and promotes the continuing development of its members.
  8. We will be actively engaged with the local faith based community.
  9. We will re-connect with our North American Baptist roots, fostering a strong bond with our founding denomination.

This vision will be accomplished within the framework of our faith-based Mission and Values, and our committment to "provide safe, quality care that meets the physical, social, mental, and spiritual needs" of our residents.

Values Statements:

Spirituality: We value spirituality by providing nurture, hope and empathy while supporting the spiritual diversity of all.

Sacredness: We value the divinely ascribed sacredness of human life for all of our days until natural death, which is demonstrated by dignity and respect for all.

Partnership: We value partnering with clients, families, faith based organizations, service providers, volunteers, and government agencies to provide quality service and care.

Respect: We value a positive, safe and respectful environment as manifested through our ethical framework.

Quality Care: We value a commitment to holistic quality service and care that encompasses safety, empathy, respect, confidentiality, competency, accountability and excellence.

Integrity: We value integrity by building our relationships on honesty, trust, confidentiality, justice and equity.

Stewardship: We value stewardship through our commitment to fulfill our obligation to all stakeholders.